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released February 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Recessions Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Scars
Night after night spent clenching / Cold blankets and empty beds / Open containers and closed minds / Please convince me otherwise / Reveling in remorse and letting / Every indifference run its course / Scars a plenty / But no use for pity / And we knew it would turn out this way... / The end used to feel so far away / The rug has been pulled out from underneath our swollen feet.
Track Name: Colors
Behind the yellow tape / Run and take cover… / A childhood friend flies a different color / You and I come from different mothers / Keep trying to force differences / But our troubles are all the same / Run and take cover… / Because now it is over / The smoking guns have been shed / Misdirected anger – rights been read / Our troubles are all the same / Lie behind the yellow tape.
Track Name: Obituaries
Falling through the cracks / Sun sets and rises again / Planes sail through weeping clouds / But down here we weather the storm / Embrace the uncontrollable / There’s no time to cry / And no time to believe in much anymore / Shadows no longer comfort the distorted / Another brother falls / a life never reported / And few will remember us.
Track Name: Splinters
There are no delusions / No more great compromise / Cut all the assets / Portions for you / Portions for me / Splitting the time / Cutting the losses / Now we march into the modern world / The fears have crept back in / Where do we stand now? / Where will we go? / People can not stand up / Without putting someone down.
Track Name: Boats
Taught to subtract and divide / Down in this hold / In the darkness – no color, no tone / People, millions of people / All in the same boat / Underwater, we're taking water / Illusions, false illusions – lies, lies told/ Darken the mugshot – lies, lies told / Taught by those topside – stop drilling holes / Underwater, we're taking water / Underwater – stop before you kill us all.
Track Name: Ladders
So now here we are… / And we don’t have a problem / Forgetting who we have stepped on / To get where we are / The ability to smile when others starve / Never ceases to amaze / Keep fucking us little folks over / So you can have and infect more.... Infect more / Sell your dreams to someone else / I know the score and am comfortable being poor / The ability to smile / When others starve / Never ceases to amaze.
Track Name: Fossils
Sent into a frenzy, text book scenario / Synchronized symptoms, one diagnosis / One prescription, without solution / Fossils! / Torrential power collides, the power to mesmerize / Reflection, a new direction / Surging sources of vitality, block out normality / Fossils! / …Receive the strength / Wash out the caverns of mind, it’s finally spring cleaning / Move ahead - cast aside, poisons must be cleansed / Release the tensions, fuel the warmth / Do not lay down and die / Torrential power collides
Track Name: Struggle
I’d rather be inclined to have zero inclination / To buy into heartless little schemes / That condition our thoughtless desires / To not be one with all, no separation at all / Feeble minded consciousness / Exaggerated misconceptions / And when it comes time / To lay down on my back / My only wish would be / That we get ourselves on track / To not be one with all / no separation at all / Feeble minded consciousness / Exaggerated misconceptions / Oppressors will run screaming / gentrification, pride beaming / Booming ‘hoods – sell the wares / But still no one cares.